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    Why Zeloso Health is your answer to
    feeling great and living life large?

    We are the sum of our physical, physiological and emotional/spiritual/mental bodies. As humans, we have an energetic and vibrational body that effects our health. Most of us do not about these aspects of our health and most of us can use a start on the physical side of health. However, ignoring the other two aspects at the same time is like trying to run a car on oil with no gas in it.

    At Zeloso Health, we address all of the these aspects for you and help you find the tools that you need right now.

    Tell us where you are now, what you want to achieve and how soon you want to be there. I look forward to this exciting journey with you!

    Zeloso means with energy. Life uses energy and creates energy. In our day to day life, we are looking to have our mental/emotional, physical and physiological energy high and working great. At Zeloso Health, we strive to empower people to have the tools for health and wellness that support them where they need it now, in present time for them. Time changes us and we sometimes get caught in the past with what we needed when we were younger and where we are now.

    Having daily action tools that you can take action on or come into the studio to work on and get support with is holistic health at its best. What area of your life are you wanting or needing to work on? Are you looking for more energy, to get out of pain, function better in your athletic endeavors or have a more positive feeling about life, health and relationships?

    Being physically active has many positive attributes for us. Knowing how to turn on your smaller intrinsic muscles that support proper joint alignment can be the difference between wanting to participate in sports or get out of current pain. Being nutritionally supported so that you know where you might be lacking nutrition is huge. This affects your physical, mental/emotional and physiological self. With the level of stress in our world and how fast we move in our lives, many people need to look at this aspect, eat cleaner diets and supplement their nutrition to get more energy, support their organs, glands and joints as well as to detoxify. When you bring the synergy of exercise, relaxation from massage therapy, nutritional support and mood enhancement of the 3 above-mentioned your vibrational energy and remembrance that you are a divine being having a human experience soars.

    How we take care of ourselves – self-care- affects all areas of our lives from our sense of self to our family life to community to our professional lives. Many people myself included, loose track of self-care in our busy lives. Our goal at Zeloso Health is to help you help yourself with our history, knowledge and programs. When you do, your zest for life, energy in it and your options, expands. Life becomes a place energy, enthusiasm and opportunity.

    Check out my blog posts for ideas on ways to enrich your life, ideas to implement and suggestions for energy, detoxification and zest. Get in touch with us to see how we can help and serve you to become that you that you remember and know you are. I look forward to hearing from you, working with you and being on this wonderful journey of life, learning and happiness with!



    About Me



    Sheila Griffith, Nationally Certified LMT, CPI, NTP

    Sheila Griffith is the owner and director/artist of Zeloso Health. She owns Zeloso Pilates, Massage, Nutrition and Essential Oil Studio in Edwards, CO. She began using holistic health in 1985 with a big health scare which she took care of naturally and without the need for invasive care. This experience and a history in her family of using holistic health began the lifelong journey in health and wellness and turned into Zeloso Studio. Zeloso Studio offers private Pilates Instruction, Massage Therapy, Nutrition Consultations and Essential Oil Education in the Vail Valley.

    Sheila focuses on helping people find their way out of pain because of trauma, injuries or repetitive movements. She trained at the Pilates Center of Boulder and Massage Therapy of Colorado (Integrative Massage certification) and continues to grow her knowledge of the body daily.

    Sheila became certified originally in:
    1. 1994: Massage Therapy
    2. 1998: Pilates Instructor
    3. 2005: Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

    She has continued doing continuing education in her field in Massage Therapy, Pilates Instruction as well as Functional Medicine. She is also a Certified Body Rolling instructor, has studied Gyrokinesis, Kundalini Yoga, Essential Oils

    Sheila welcomes everyone to her body of work and does her best to serve you.









    Happy Clients

    • Sheila, you make me feel good. Thank you! Happy Valentines Day

      Dana B, Private Client

    • Dear Sheila, I wanted to tell you thank you for everything you have done for me in this past year. You have inspired me, modes me, twisted me, made me sweet and made me abetter person. you have begun the process for me to take better care of myself. you have touched my life.

      Catherine W, Private Client

    • I have been doing pilates with Sheila for three and a half amazing years. Her knowledge of the body and nutrition and how everything works holistically together is such a gift to everyone who works with her. I look forward every week to her charismatic and uplifting personality. She has such a commitment and vested interest in her client and always goes above and beyond because she wants the best for everyone.

      Shannon D, Private Client